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Specialists in conservation of infrastructures:

• Highways
• Airports
• Water management - purification
• Energy facilities
• Gas pipelines

We provide a service to the infrastructure customer.

We understand by customer both the owner management of the infrastructure as well as the user; and by SERVICE, to provide security, reliability, information, permanent care, cleaning and suitable environment.

Our objectives:

• To collaborate and give special attention to preserving the collective heritage, whose deterioration and depreciation would lead to a decrease in value.
• To focus our activities not only on being efficient (be able to conserve at the lowest possible cost), but also effective (extending the useful life of the infrastructure).
• To pay special attention to modernizing the organization's activities, by investing in and working on R&D&I. An example of this is the use of MRP (Micronized Rubber Powder, from scrap tires) in the rehabilitation of roadbeds with bituminous hot mix, which is yielding very good results.
• Our values in the conservation of infrastructures are: The vocation of service, and our commitment to maintaining the equity value of the infrastructures that are synonymous with wealth.

In addition to Comprehensive Conservation, we are specialists in:

• Structural rehabilitation of roadbeds with Hot mix asphalt (HMA)
• Surface rehabilitation of roadbeds with bituminous slurries
• Surface treatments with gravel, in low-intensity routes

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