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COLLOSA, an infrastructure company of Corporación Llorente, has more than 70 years of experience in the construction sector and is present in Spain and in several international countries. This continued presence allows us to assume a leadership role and reference at the national and international level.

We collaborate in the development of society as a whole through a business culture that integrates social and environmental concerns related to our sustainability as an organization, developing our own corporate culture of commitment to sustainability, excellence in management, corporate reputation and Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I).


Civil Engineering

 • Infrastructures

 • Divided Highways

 • Highways

 • Railways

 • Agrarian structures

 • Unique Urban Structures

 • Environment and Purification Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)

 • Drinking Water Treatment Plants (DWTP)

 • Waste Treatment Centers


Specialists in EPC:

 • Wind farms. EPC - Civil Engineering and Electrical Works. More than 1,500 MW built

 • "Turnkey" Photovoltaic Facilities

• Renewable energy production (mini-hydroelectric, solar, etc.)

• Medium and High Voltage Transformer Substations. (30, 45, 132, 220 and 400 KV)

• Medium and High Voltage Overhead Lines. (45, 132, 220 KV)

• Gas pipelines. Distribution lines of piped natural gas, Regulation and Metering Stations.

• Liquefied Natural Gas plants.


COLLOSA covers a wide range of activities in the construction sector. Its most representative products and services in building are:

• Unique

• Administrative

• Residential and healthcare

• Rehabilitation and restoration

• Leisure centers, transport, logistics and parking lots

• Shopping centers

• Industrial

• Electrical infrastructures

• Teaching and research

• Housing developments


In addition to Comprehensive Conservation, WE ARE SPECIALISTS IN:

• Structural rehabilitation of roadbeds with Hot mix asphalt (HMA)

• Surface rehabilitation of roadbeds with bituminous slurries

• Surface treatments with gravel, low-intensity routes

• Structural rehabilitation of roadbeds with HMA and bitumen rubber from scrap tires

• Maintenance of tunnels

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