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Environment Policy

Corporación Llorente is committed to the preservation of the environment and aims to achieve sustainable development in all its activities.

To that end it has implemented and maintains an updated Environmental Management System compliant with Standard ISO 14001, aimed at achieving the following objectives

• Comply with applicable environmental legislation, as well as any other requirements that the company may endorse for that purpose.

• Promote continuous improvement in environmental performance, promoting and making all necessary efforts to achieve this goal.

• Prevent pollution, controlling the significant environmental aspects of our operations, and minimizing their environmental risks and impacts

• Use natural resources efficiently, and promote the sustainability of activities performed

• Reduce, reuse and recycle waste generated as a result of the development of our activity

• Train our own staff and those working on behalf of the organization on environmental issues, seeking their participation and commitment

• Integrate environmental management in all processes of the company.

The Management of the organization understands that having an environmental management system is a key priority and a factor of business competitiveness.

This commitment is manifested through the identification and dissemination of this policy, ensuring that it is understood, implemented and maintained, for which it establishes and facilitates the necessary resources at all levels of the company.

This commitment applies throughout the value chain, both our own personnel as well as suppliers, maintaining an open dialogue with all interested parties.

The Management delegates to the Head of Quality and Environment the implementation and verification of compliance with the System of Environmental Management.

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