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Since our R&D&I Department was created in 1999, we work for the valorization of different by-products considered waste and, especially, for the incorporation of bitumens improved with powder from discarded tires into asphalt mixtures. We have the only Spanish plant capable of mixing bitumen and powder from scrap tires in the asphalt plant itself, protected under the form of "Utility model".

Research projects:

  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) studies applied to the environmental optimization of roadbed sections. Phoenix Project and PRIMER VIALCyL Project
  • System of using the solar thermal energy of highways. Phoenix Project
  • Research of automatic detection of road defects by auscultation. Multival Project
  • Design, study and monitoring of structural systems of buildings to improve energy efficiency. Envite-Plan E Project
  • Development of a project focused on the use of H2 as an energy vector. Proyecto COPICO and Proyecto AEROPILA
  • Research on new substitute fluxes of salt and brine for improving the sustainability of the processes of winter road maintenance
  • Research on sensors capable of detecting the presence of salt on roads
  • Research on the incorporation of biomass in the production of bitumen pursuing emission reduction of CO2: LIFE BATTLE CO2
  • Intelligent road conservation based in IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI): Conica Project
  • Research in more sustainable fundents than brine for use in winter roads: Quione Project





• Research for the improvement of the tensile properties of asphalts manufactured with discarded tire powder. Tribopav.

• Creation of intelligent environments directed at energy management in the home

• Development of guidance systems of spreader machines in civil engineering

Tank of tire powder for the manufacture of modified bitumen

Corporación Llorente
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