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Management Policy

Construcciones y Obras Llorente maintains a permanent commitment to the quality, the safety and health of its employees, the protection of the environment and innovation, and is committed to developing its activity with a focus on sustainability, taking into account economic, environmental and social aspects.

This approach must be made from the fundamental values of social responsibility, customer focus, financial discipline, rigor, innovation and talent management, assuming the following principles:

• Continuous improvement in terms of Quality, Safety and Environment is a priority and permanent Management concern, setting goals and objectives and allocating the necessary resources for their development, that guarantee the commitment to maintaining the Organization's position as the industry leader.

• Customer satisfaction is a permanent objective in our actions, with the commitment to identify and meet their expectations and requirements.

• Compliance with legislation, both that which is currently in force as well as that of future implementation, and all those requirements to which the organization subscribes, are strictly met.

• Our suppliers and subcontractors are an important link in our chain and maintaining appropriate relationships with them is a primary objective of the Organization.

• The Organization is committed to implementing and promoting research, development and innovation in all aspects involving an improvement and a step forward in our processes.

• To provide the means and resources necessary for the prevention of pollution and minimization of the environmental impact resulting from our actions.

The Organization, and on its behalf Mr. PATRICIO LLORENTE MUÑOZ, commits to and assumes responsibility for this Policy, and delegates its implementation and development to the Head of Quality and Environment.

This POLICY is available to all external interested parties: customers, suppliers, and the general public.

Valladolid April 2013

Corporación Llorente
Valladolid - Málaga - Doha