Patricio Llorente emphasizes the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda for companies


  • The Valladolid Chamber of Commerce gives a voice to SMEs aware of sustainability

The virtual conference, followed by some thirty companies, had the participation of Corporación Llorente and Univergy Solar as success stories in terms of sustainability and implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.
The Valladolid Chamber of Commerce has held a conference with the aim of bringing sustainability to small and medium-sized companies in the province as a strategic factor in organizations. In this sense, Corporación Llorente (Collosa), a company in the construction sector, and Univergy Solar, dedicated to the development, manufacture and management of renewable energies, have shared their business experience in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that they emerge from the 2030 Agenda. These success stories in terms of sustainability have served as an example and inspiration for the nearly thirty SMEs that have connected and followed this virtual day.
In this sense, Patricio Llorente, president of Corporación Llorente, has reviewed the twelve SDGs implemented in the company, among which are worth highlighting projects on health, education, gender equality, innovation or consumption and responsible production.
Patricio Llorente detailed the Healthy Employment Plan implemented in the company (Collosalud), the efforts in matters of gender equality ("Optima" Award from the Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities and Committed to Equality Award from the Chamber of Contractors) o water purification and purification projects, the group's participation in non-polluting energy actions (wind, photovoltaic and bioclimatic buildings) or the culture of prevention and improvement of occupational hazards.
The president of Collosa also emphasized the importance of the R & D & I laboratory when it comes to providing innovation and developing environmental sustainability projects (LIFE BATTLECO2 emission reduction project awarded by the Spanish Association of Asphalt Mix Manufacturers).
For his part, Fernando Dávila, Operations Director of Univergy Solar, shared with the attendees the actions in the field of solar and wind energy that the company has implemented, as well as the positive economic impact and profitability that this type of project sustainable offers to your company.
Likewise, Ángela Cámara, head of Environmental Project Management of the Spanish Global Compact Network, has made an explanatory tour of the different business opportunities that compliance with the SDGs and their adherence to the good practices promoted by the Compact present for SMEs World.

The Chamber of Commerce and the 2030 Agenda

The Valladolid Chamber of Commerce, through its different internationalization, competitiveness, training and entrepreneurship programs helps companies, particularly SMEs, to comply with the SDGs.
In this way, and through actions such as this conference, the cameral corporation aims to publicize the content of these programs aimed, among other objectives, at achieving sustainable water management, quality education, improving the competitiveness of companies, promote gender equality, integration and employment for migrants and refugees and the transparent management of institutions.
In addition, the Valladolid Chamber of Commerce is a member of the coalition of Chambers for Climate Action, of which more than 2,100 Chambers worldwide are part.
The objective of this initiative promoted by the International Chamber of Commerce is to advance a global cooperative effort that ensures the implementation of climate solutions at scale to achieve cleaner and more sustainable economies.


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