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The pandemic reinforces the role of the IT area in companies

Espacio Sothis held a Forum dedicated to the construction sector on November 11, in which a group of experts discussed digitization in this industry and how this technological process can help to face the constant challenges faced companies confront. This edition of Espacio Sothis has been presented and moderated by Carlos Martínez, managing director of PTEC, who in his welcome offered some information on the Spanish business fabric, which includes more than 422,000 companies in the construction sector.
The participants analyzed the possibilities that technological innovation can offer to construction at a time as unique as the current one. The meeting, held in videoconference format, was attended by Carlos Martínez, managing director of the Construction Technology Platform, María Moreno, technical director and the International area of Seopan (Association of Construction Companies and Infrastructure Concessionaires), Roberto Rodríguez, CIO of Collosa (Corporation Llorente), Joaquín Gallardo, manager of the SAP Area and Development of Corporate Applications at Grupo Aldesa, David González, Director of General Business at SAP, and Jesús Cervera, construction sector manager at Sothis.
In his speech at this forum, Roberto Rodríguez, CIO of Collosa, highlighted how the pandemic has valued the important work carried out by IT departments in companies, including construction companies. These departments have gone from being little less than "a necessary evil" in companies, with scarce resources in their hands, to a key element to guarantee the maintenance of the company's activity.
Roberto Rodríguez also stressed the need to look for solid and suitable technological partners and manufacturers when undertaking the digitization of any process, even if it seems "trivial".
Regarding the uncertain future that lies ahead, Roberto Rodríguez pointed out that the pandemic has proven all those companies that have been following the line of digitization for a long time. The "I said so" now makes more sense than ever. And yes, that will manifest itself in a greater volume of telework, but construction can never leave the face-to-face modality 100% because this is in the DNA of its activity.


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