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Presidency's Letter

It is our honor to introduce our company where proximity to and treatment of the customer are among our key features.

A company that peruses Excellence and gives priority to quality, that was established with only family resources, that has more than 70 years of history, and that three generations of family members have joined already.

Our raison d 'être are those of us who make up the company, thanks to some values, a vision and a mission that are our DNA and that set us apart from others and, at the same time, oblige us to the Excellence.

Corporaci├│n Llorente and its construction subsidiary, COLLOSA, work throughout the Spanish geography and have been integrated in all the countries in which we are collaborating today and incorporating value, thanks to our experience in construction and services.

Our presence in Spain and in these countries in which we operate is neither accidental nor temporary nor conjunctural. We are there to stay, to prosper and to improve but without forgetting who we are. In any country we are in, we want to be known and recognized as a company in which quality in all of our projects takes precedence over everything else, a company that relies on the best professionals in order to provide a sustainable growth to our customers adapting us to their culture.

To achieve this goal, first and foremost, we count on experience in three fundamental businesses: Infrastructure, energy and concessions; and the most modern and efficient technology to carry them out.

Thanks to our collaborators all these years we have acquired a global knowledge that allows us to serve our customers and foster their loyalty.

We offer construction and management of efficient infrastructures that will enable our customers to be more competitive and to meet their social and sustainable commitments.

You are in the presence of a company committed and aligned with the Excellence, into which we have incorporated people from different cultures, because we want to have satisfied customers who offer us their trust. We want to be their allies. We are convinced that they share with us the same ideals: We are convinced that you share with us the same ideals: a fairer, more sustainable society where security, respect for people, and efficiency in the use of resources come first.

Our tools: innovation as the road to excellence and trust that allows us to continue to move forward.


Patricio Llorente Mu├▒oz

Corporación Llorente & Collosa Administrator.

Corporaci├│n Llorente
Valladolid - Málaga - Doha