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Prevention Policy

Corporación Llorente recognizes the importance and priority attention accorded to it in all aspects relating to the Prevention of Occupational Hazards, remembering that in everyday performance, the actions aimed at protecting workers from the risks that may arise from the performance of their jobs should be given priority as well as those prone to create and promote the spirit of integration of workplace risk prevention in all parts of the company.



The values set in the Management of Prevention of Occupational Hazards system include:

• Avoid workplace accidents effectively by establishing the safety of our employees as an essential requirement.

• Implement a culture of prevention and continuous improvement, enabling us to manage the risks of our processes.

• Strengthen the integration of prevention of occupational risks in the company management systems.

Along those lines, the Company has selected as a strategic factor achieving the best preventive levels throughout the organizational, which means, in relation to the actions of the Management, the assumption of the Safety and Health Policy that is embodied in the following commitments:

• Protect the health of the workers. For that purpose we assume the firm commitment of continuous improvement of the safety and health conditions in all phases of the production processes and displacements.

• Ensure compliance with the legislation, other commitments that the organization endorses in terms of prevention and all the obligations arising from the rest of the documents that make up the preventive management system.

• Maintain the Prevention of Risk at Work Management System in order to ensure:

The identification, evaluation and effective control of risks associated with work in order to minimize incidents and occupational diseases.

The prevention of damage and the deterioration of the workers' health using controls of health surveillance, adapting the employee to his workplace.

The planning of preventive activity that integrates the necessary measures of prevention and protection, and the continuous monitoring of its effectiveness and efficiency.

The reduction of accidents and to increase the overall quality of the production process setting optimal rates and the commitment to obtain accident rate indicators below the rates of their sector as objectives.

• Integrating occupational safety and health criteria. Covering all phases of the production process and displacements.

• Boost the adoption of preventive measures. We are certain that this favors efficiency and productivity, therefore the organization has the firm conviction that the health and safety of persons contributes to a better implementation of our business activity and helps to preserve and develop physical and human resources and reduce losses and legal liabilities arising from the materialization of the work hazards.

• Worker participation. The Organization commits to enforce the right to participation in the preventive process with the necessary means of participation, particularly with the suggestions system, the Human Resources Service's hot line and the proximity and closeness of the Head of Health and Safety and of all the company heads.

• Provide the tools, individual protective equipment and the resources needed for a safe workplace as well as the necessary instructions for their correct use. The choice of equipment and work methods shall be taken in accordance with the criteria of adaptation to the activity being carried out.

• Encourage the development of new technologies. Implementing them in the processes and work methods so that they entail less exposure to risks for the workers

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