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R&D&I Policy

Corporaci├│n Llorente considers research, development and technological innovation as critical factors that lead to business success.

The Management of the organization understands that having an R&D&I management system is an essential priority and a factor of business competitiveness.

Management is committed to the implementation of an R&D&I management system that meets the requirements of the standard UNE 166002, and whose efficiency is improved continuously.

This commitment is manifested through the definition and dissemination of this policy and through the assignment of the necessary human and technical resources.

The organization annually establishes measurable R&D&I objectives to facilitate the application of this policy to the functioning of our organization. To ensure compliance with the objectives regular monitoring thereof is performed.

Management ensures the effectiveness and improvement of the management system through annual revisions in order to adapt it to the changing environment and to the needs and expectations of our interest groups.

Corporaci├│n Llorente
Valladolid - Málaga - Doha