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What we do

Our Management System integrates the management systems of quality, environment, R&D&I and the prevention of occupational risks. It is certified by AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification) according to the standards:

• ISO 9001

• ISO 14001

• OHSAS 18001

• UNE 166002

In each of our activities, we produce a Quality Plan, a Safety Plan and an Environmental Plan. To that end we have identification procedures of the aspects affecting each topic, and proceed to their evaluation to detect which are the most significant.

Subsequently we plan measures to take to keep track of them, in order to have them controlled and finally we record that tracking during the execution of the activities.

Our activities in the field of sustainability and the fight against climate change can be seen in the work done in R&D&I, where they are clearly a course of action, the others being highways, management improvements in the organization and nanotechnologies.

In our journey towards excellence we have exceeded 400 points EFQM, allowing us to have the Silver Q.

Corporación Llorente
Valladolid - Málaga - Doha